Some travelers may like to maximize their experiences by mapping out their entire vacation, down to the restaurant of the evening. Me? My life is utter chaos and I find that I have a better time when I’m busy trying to keep up with the daylight. After all, time is a man made measurement and I prefer to use instinct, or whatever excuse fits better 😅 While visiting Key West, I learned my usual approach to life would have me missing some of the best opportunities if I didn’t plan accordingly.
This particular morning I was up scrolling through yelp in search of a fulfilling breakfast to give me energy for kayaking and jet skiing. This would be my last official Key West breakfast so I wanted to try something unique and cultural for visitors like myself. The reviews, pictures, menu and prices were all green lights to try Firefly Key West. Approaching, I instantly fell in love with the Southern charm restaurant and surrounding buildings hugging tight. The outside porch dining area would be great on a day when the heat is not so suffocating. Granted, I’ll be outside for the rest of the afternoon in water, but not really in the water. Lol! ​

So shall we get to the best part?
I ordered a Mimosa while I took my time scanning over the menu. The menu had a comfort food southern flair to it and I was torn with decisions to make in the midst of brunch. By the time the server got to the table I was secure in my choice of breakfast.
Biscuits and gravy with a side of eggs and bacon. I enjoyed my light, bubbly Mimosa and conversation until my fixings were ready. 2 Biscuits made from scratch about sand dollar sized covered in a sausage gravy. The thick gravy was so flavorful you can taste the chunks of sausage in between bites. Definite Yes to the Scrambled eggs! They are definitely real and taste like grandma fried them in the back with Pepper sprinkled evenly thru each bite. Now as much as I love bacon, I do have to warn you of the slight spice to the bacon I wasn’t really expecting. Lol.
To cool off I ordered a sweet tea in which they brought to me in a “county fair” mason jar. I finished as much as possible, but most of all I was fulfilled. 
I would definitely visit Firefly again when I visit Key West, FL. ​

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