There is no other way to officially start The Summer than with a cold treat. I’d like to take a moment to appreciate my
“sense of no direction”
that helped me to stumble upon this little ice cream shop in Wynwood-Miami area. They have a pretty funny sign along with a couple of lime green Adirondack chairs outside the cozy storefront. The inside definitely had the same artistic vibe as the vibrantly painted Wynwood Walls. I went during a busy time where all the seats were taken but I still took in a deep gaze at my surroundings admiring each piece of art strategically placed. Although the space was pretty tight, it was just enough for what you needed…… 
There’s a menu painted on the wall with more than enough reasons for me return all summer long!​ 

If you like sweet and you’re feeling a little daring these days, put this on your list! Their cereal bowls​ and also cereal ice cream sandwiches will be something I can create numerous combinations with forever!
Something as simple as getting ice cream can become difficult when you have so many choices from the ice cream to the upgrades.
I played it safe choosing what I was comfortable with this time, leaving excitement for another day. 

 My first Midtown Creamery
experience was the Lucky Charms cereal bowl, 2 scoops of Strawberry ice cream with fruity pebbles sprinkled on top. 😋 When I checked out I decided to sit in one of the Adirondack chairs outside and soak in the full experience. The top 40 type music, the laid back pedestrians, the 5pm traffic flow of cars, the lower 80 degree weather and this tasty treat competing to keep me cool and happy! It was definitely working. I was deeply caught up in the sweetness of the strawberry ice cream with the light crunch of a surprise from the fruity pebbles; As if the technology and universe had a connection at that moment, Marshmello “Happier” began playing in the speakers above. I still have no clue how they could get the cereal in that shape to hold ice cream, but I am thankful. I was complete and happy at that moment nibbling on my favorite cereal from the bottom of my favorite ice cream; when I thought…
“Who knew happiness could be this simple?”​

Creative Director/Model: @TheBlackGirlNextDoor
Photographer: @LarjStudios
Hairstylist: @Tressflair_Ashunti
Makeup Artist: @SimonetMakeup
Nail Tech: @GinaEmpressOfNailz
Bodysuit: ​@HustlerStores

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