The Southernmost Part of The U.S. | Key West

The Key West culture is bound ​by togetherness and love. After all the island is but 4.2 square miles, so it’s best to be friendly. The local restaurants have so much history to them, with some providing blended Cuban culture.
​I found out the hard way that the local kitchens close pretty early, 10:30pm being the average latest unless you don’t mind chain restaurants on your vacation. 

Most of the resorts have just about all you need to have a fun time. Take advantage of the bike rentals, jet ski tours, kayak rentals, even rent a boat if you can and go fishing! Key West should be on your to do list at least once in your life if you love Salt Water (period)… 

Key West has a population Of 26,990 people that live within the boundaries. 
The largest age range being 25-44 years old and the smallest age range being 65+ years old.
Key west is best known for its picture perfect sunsets and it’s Conch Republic independence, With a city motto as 
“One Human Family”.
Florida took a hit from Hurricane Irma in 2017 that drastically affected Key West.
My last trip was 4 years ago and I  can physically see the difference in the beaches. 

Careless liter isn’t helping either, as the Atlantic Ocean drifts it in daily on shore.. 

The Beach, however is still worth experiencing.
Specifically Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

 It’s only a $6.50 entrance fee per vehicle to have so much available to you ! 
There are narrated tours, fishing, snorkeling, paddling, biking, and of course 

​I danced over the scattered pebbles mixed with sand that lead up to the warm turquoise saltwater. 
The almost endless dazzling ocean and ginormous rock structures took my thoughts away from the slight ache on the soles of my feet.

​Every time I touch a rock I always think, “when was the last time someone picked it up, when did it’s life as a rock begin?”
I am always grateful whenever my life’s journey intertwines with a natural life form of unknown generations. 

Everyone has their own opinion of the best time to visit the beach. I’ll tell you my favorite part of the day… it’s called ANYTIME! Setting up for the perfect spot can sometimes depend on the mood. The closer to the water the better for me, as I enjoy taking naps one the beach. 
$30/hour is all it cost to rent beach chairs and an umbrella during the hottest part of the day in Key West. As I took in the gentle waves playing around the rocks thru my sunglasses, the warm breeze dancing on my skin, with Drake’s  “Nothing was the same” album playing from my boom box, I mentally checked into serenity. 

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