Dear Instagram, I surrender….

My first Social Media profile I made was at 11 years old when the platforms were in the raw stages. The accounts I remember having over the years were AOL Messenger, Myspace, Tagged, Bebo, Mocospace, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and finally Instagram. When I made my first Instagram account I was 18 and a lot of my peers were moving from Facebook to the then new platform. It was like immediately Instagram had so much influence over people and how they wanted to be viewed. I was pursuing modeling and fitness at the time so most of my content was selfies of my muscle “gains” and bikini photo shoots. I never considered myself as an Instagram model,but it appeared I was moving in that direction. A couple of years passed and I started reaping the benefits of my following due to exposure and just being invited to placed I never would have had access to before. Unfortunately the exposure has a negative side to it too called HATERS! After numerous reports on my postings I have had to start over 4 times after my profiles were deleted.

The definition of Insanity is what caused me to change up my content style on my new account. It’s exhausting losing photos, business connections and followers with each account so I’m praying that it never happens again. My content vision for my current profile is lifestyle blogger style. I plan to mix it up a bit with my content from fun trips, to restaurants that make my heart and tummy smile and any products or just experiences I feel are worth sharing with my followers. I hate being in a box, predictable as hell! I promise to be a wild child always, but within my social media guidelines 🙂


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