This is Suicide Awareness Month and so many at risk victims are silently dealing with their troubles. Everyone gets caught up in their own life problems that sometimes it’s easy to overlook someone else struggling. If you know of a friend or relative that has previously dealt with depression, mental trauma or even a major life change I highly encourage you to reach out. Do you know how much a phone call to let someone know they are on your mind and heart could truly affect their haunting thoughts? One of the major false thoughts of suicide victims is no one cares and the world is better without them in it. If you can even go further than a phone call to maybe visiting then that’s even better. True emotions are revealed in person that can sometimes be masked over the phone with a simple “I’m fine, Everything’s ok.”

I personally know someone who was a victim of suicide and outside looking in he was a happy man. Let’s take Robin Williams for example… It took millions of us by surprise to find out he hung himself in his California home. It was known he suffered from depression later in life and a mental illness that was the provoking factor of his demise. A man that made success from making the world laugh felt so alone in his last moments and we all wonder how it could have been avoided. The strongest people have moments of weakness too, but feel compelled to continue appearing strong. It’s hard to be transparent in this time when everyone flaunts material items as “Living Their Best Life” when in reality happiness is within.

If you are the one dealing with feelings of worthlessness and think the world is better off without you…. STOP! Think about the lives connected to you, think about all that you have accomplished and so much you have yet to do, think about the positive moments as much as you think of the negative moments and just BREATHE! Suicide is a permanent decision for such temporary emotions you can find a way to cope with. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a licensed professional who can guide you into better thought patterns to deal with future obstacles. Life isn’t easy, but it’s the struggles we persevere from that build our character and strengthen us. Just think of how strong you are to be where you’re at at this very moment. Don’t give up on yourself. You have the power to overcome anything with a healthier mind-state. Mental Health can make a strong man weak and a weak man strong. Suicide just rolls the problems over to those who remain with the many questions of why.

Love the mystery of this world we dwell in!… Love your life!… Love yourself!…

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