Lifestyle Change…

Where do I even start with my Lifestyle Change?

After 6 years I woke up one day no longer happy with the life I was living in… I was happy with my artistic discoveries and talent, but not using it for such a censored audience. I just felt as if I had more to share with those whole seek me… Mental Health being one of the most overlooked subjects and sex being one of the most sought after subject gives me a bit of advantage with my platform.

I understand my previous media content will forever be accessible and I truly have no regrets. I am still in the midst of my transition as I paint my true life’s purpose. My current goal is to combine my life experience and passion together. Public speaking is ultimately something I’m interested in once I curb my rough edges with a bit more knowledge and wisdom. Even if other people choose not to believe the sincerity in my change, I’m going to keep pushing forward never looking back on past chapters.

I have made myself accustom to change over the years, but this is by far the toughest challenge. Especially since I’m not willing to accept a time consuming job that undercuts my attention to my self growth. I’m going to remember to be patient with myself in moments of frustration from things not moving as fast as I’m used to. I guess in a weird way I want to be normal… Whatever that is.

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