Taco Tuesday with Leftover Chicken

Nothing like opening your fridge to what seems like nothing and making a meal out of it. This particular day it happened to be Tuesday which guided my thoughts almost immediately to tacos. Peering over my vast supply of leftover items from other meals, I made a simple connection for what was needed to achieve my craving for Taco Tuesday.

Leftover Chicken, Tortillas,Salsa, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese & Cilantro Sauce

  • I used a medium heat pan to reheat my chicken, also adding 1/2 cups of water to the pan.
  • As the chicken heated up I periodically tossed it round with Taco seasoning and pepper for flavor until the water completely evaporated.
  • I added enough salsa mix to saturate my chicken in and moved the pan to another stove eye to cool.
  • I happened to have a pack of tortillas on hand so I used a small pan to lightly toast both sides of the tortilla.
  • I gathered the toppings of lettuce and shredded cheddar cheese into separate serving dishes, garnishing my shredded lettuce with 4 lime slices.
  • After transferring the taco meat into a serving dish, it was time to set the table and enjoy Taco Tuesday.
  • I found a cup of cilantro sauce that I used as what turned out to be an amazing addition.

I am very pleased with my homemade Taco Tuesday creation and I can’t wait to experiment with extra ingredients. But all in all, a very great use of left over chicken and other ingredients that are easily over looked when dying of hunger.

What toppings do you like for Taco Tuesday?

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