Taco Tuesday with Leftover Chicken

Nothing like opening your fridge to what seems like nothing and making a meal out of it. This particular day it happened to be Tuesday which guided my thoughts almost immediately to tacos. Peering over my vast supply of leftover items from other meals, I made a simple connection for what was needed to achieveContinue reading “Taco Tuesday with Leftover Chicken”

The Southernmost Part of The U.S. | Key West

The Key West culture is bound ​by togetherness and love. After all the island is but 4.2 square miles, so it’s best to be friendly. The local restaurants have so much history to them, with some providing blended Cuban culture.​I found out the hard way that the local kitchens close pretty early, 10:30pm being the averageContinue reading “The Southernmost Part of The U.S. | Key West”

Spirit Airline Should Be Just That, A SPIRIT!

It’s no secret Spirit Airline is one of the worst airlines EVER!  The “pre-reclined” seats Hidden Baggage Fees  Non-Complimentary Beverages & Snacks on board and Constant Delays!!!! ​My first time using this airline last summer I thought I was getting a good deal unit it came time to check both of my bags from the West Coast backContinue reading “Spirit Airline Should Be Just That, A SPIRIT!”